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Fellows of the NZ Society of Soil Science

NZSSS Fellows

The NZSSS highest award conferred for distinction either in research, technology, teaching, extension or the advancement of science.

To make a nomination for this award, email the NZSSS Award Convener.


L C Blakemore

R Naidu

M R Balks

V E Neall

N Bolan

R L Parfitt

K C Cameron

J A Pollock

I B Campbell

A H C Roberts

C W Childs

S Saggar

J Churchman

A G Sinclair

B E Clothier

G Sparling

I S Cornforth

T W Speir

H J Di

J K Syers

K M Goh

K R Tate

P Gregg

B K G Theng

R J Haynes

P J Tonkin

S F Ledgard

T W Walker

D J Lowe

J H Watkinson

J D McCraw

G W Yeates

A Mackay

A Hewitt

L Schipper

M Beare

L Condron

M Hedley

D Ross

C De Klein

T Clough

R Monaghan

R McDowell

D Curtin

R G McLaren

B Miller (Honorary Fellow)

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