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Soils in the New Zealand Landscape: the Living Mantle

Soils in the New Zealand Landscape: the Living Mantle - 2nd Edition, by Les Molloy, is an outstanding book on New Zealand soils and the agriculture and landscapes they underlie.

This book is superbly illustrated with colour photographs, and it is a classic work on New Zealand soils. An essential companion for all who are interested in the use, conservation and science of our soil resource.


Soil Groups of New Zealand

The New Zealand Society of Soil Science published the 8-part Soil Groups of New Zealand, between 1974 and 1985.

This series describes the soils in terms of the New Zealand Genetic Classification, which grew out of the need for reconnaissance mapping of the nation’s soil resources. It was successful as a unifying factor in New Zealand Soil Science, but has subsequently been superseded by the New Zealand Soil Classification.

NZ Soil classification books

Further books are available on the Manaki Whenua – Landcare Research Soils Portal.

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