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M.L. Leamy Award

Biennial Award

Awarded every second year to the author of the most meritorious contribution to soil science published in the last three years.

To make a nomination for this award, email the NZSSS Award Convener.


Year Name


2022 A Hewitt, M Balks, D Lowe (jointly) 

2020 D Curtin, M Beare (jointly)

2018 J Luo

2016 D Selbie, L Buckthought & M Shepherd

2014 L Schipper

2012 D Curtin

2010 No award

2008 R McDowell

2006 S Saggar

2004 N S Bolan

2002 K R Tate

2000 H J Di

1998 S Cronin

1996 No award

1994 A Hewitt

1992 B E Clothier

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