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T.W. Walker Prizes

Annual Award

Awarded to the best student oral and paper presentations at the Society’s conferences.

To make a nomination for this award, email the NZSSS Award Convener.


Year Name

2022 (oral paper) – H Ruffell 

2020 -none- 

(poster) – C Chisholm 

2018 A Tumbure (Oral)

2018 K Deuss (Poster)

2016 R Woods (Oral)

2016 A Carlton (Poster)

2014 O Jordan (Oral)

2014 J Owens (Poster)

2012 No award

2010 No award

2008 P Mudge (Oral)

2008 G M Lucci (Poster)

2006 R Parkinson (Oral)

2006 F Scherr Poster

2004 J Singh (Oral)

2004 D Dewar (Poster)

2002 D Houlbrooke (Oral)

2002 K Wilkins (Poster)

2000 L Barton (Oral & Poster)

1998 J Menneer (Oral)

1998 C P Rooney (Poster)

1995 J Zanders & S Park

1994 J Luo (Oral)

1992 S T Olykan (Oral)

1992 G N Magesan (Poster)

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