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Generic Land Use Submission

Urbanisation is regulated in New Zealand through a number of legal statutes, with the key one being the Resource Management Act (RMA).  While observers are critical of its many flaws, it also creates opportunities to bring up issues that may not have been adequately examined by consent applicants and regulatory authorities.  These opportunities provide stakeholders, being the community, technical specialists (us) and NZ Inc, to have a say on the viability of any proposed land use change.

To assist decision makers, the NZSSS Executive Council have prepared a generic submission that members (and others) can use during an application for a land use change consenting process.  This submission is generic and not intended to recommend a position; but rather to highlight the need to have a well-informed debate on the consequence of potentially losing high class soils during the processing of that land use consent application.

You are encouraged to look at the submission and if appropriate incorporate it into personal or organisational submissions with your own modifications. It SHOULD NOT be submitted on behalf of the NZSSS.

Download the form Below.

Generic Land Use Form.docx

Download Word Doc

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