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Test Your Knowledge

Use the articles from the Soil: The World Beneath Our Feet website to answer the following questions about soils.


Test Questions

Use the information in the I Love Soil articles to answer the following questions:

  1. Where can you find more carbon – stored in the soil or above the ground?

  2. How many components make up soil?

  3. Sand is the largest mineral in soil. What is the smallest?

  4. Name three sports that are played on soil surfaces?

  5. If a sand particle is compared to a netball in size, what can we compare a clay particle to?

  6. Does a blue colour indicate good soil drainage or poor soil drainage?

  7. True or false. Soil scientists use colour charts – similar to those found in paint/hardware stores.

  8. Soil supports what percentage of the Earth’s biodiversity?

  9. What are examples of three living things that influence soil formation?

  10. How many different types of soil are there in New Zealand?

  11. Every year on a global basis, we lose enough soil to erosion, compaction and pollution to cover which country?

Download the following PDF files to print out the questions or to find out the correct answers. The teacher's answer sheet also has the articles that the answers can be found on.

Test Your Soil Knowledge - Questions
Download PDF

Test Your Soil Knowledge - Answers
Download PDF

Test Your Soil Knowledge - Teacher's Sheet
Download PDF

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